How to Say Days of the Week in Hebrew


The Hebrew words for the days of the week reflect the original names G-d gave to each of the seven days of Creation, as recorded in the Torah. G-d’s name for each day corresponds to the number of days that passed from the first day of Creation. Starting with Day One, on which G-d created Light, the name for each day increases by an interval of one, continuing to Day Six and finishing with the holy seventh day of rest, the Shabbat.

Unlike English and many other languages, in which names of days were assigned by humans as references to various heavenly bodies and pagan deities, the Hebrew names for the days were Divinely assigned at the very beginning of Creation. This nomenclature speaks to a deep theological distinction between Judaism’s monotheistic worldview and the ancient systems of idol worship from which other languages derive the days’ names. In Hebrew, even the names for the days of the week remind us that the world was created by the Divine, who remains the ultimate source of life in all worlds.

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Days of the Week in Hebrew Chart


Days of the Week in Hebrew Chart